Pre-coated film (protective film) extrusion compound production line

  • 商品介绍
  • 规格参数
  • Technical Parameters:

    1. Mechanical speed: maximum 250m/min

    2. Machine specifications: 1950mm, 2300mm

    3. Effective width of product: 1280-1850mm, 1600-2200mm

    4. Extruder: 1 set (manufactured by patented technology of "chaos mixing low energy extruder")

    5. Extrusion capacity: HL-80 maximum extrusion capacity 200kg/h; HL-90 maximum extrusion capacity 300kg/h; HL-100 maximum extrusion capacity 400kg/h (when extruding LDPE)

    6. Extrusion motor power: HL-80 drive motor 45kw; HL-90 drive motor 55kw; HL-100 drive motor 75kw

    7. Extruded resin: LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, LLDPE, EMA, EMAA and other coated resins (mainly EVA)

    8. Extrusion thickness: 4~15μm

    9. Thickness and thickness uniformity of manual die: ≤±5%

    10. Unwinding diameter: maximum ф800mm

    11. Unwinding base material: BOPP, BOPET

    12. AC agent coating and oven: smooth roller coating, 7.5m horizontal oven

    13. Diameter of composite cooling roller: ф600mm, jacket spiral cooling water forced heat exchange structure

    14. Rewinding diameter: Maximum ф800mm

    15. Tension control: automatic tension control for unwinding and rewinding

    16. Control mode: human-machine interface operation, extrusion thickness is automatically and accurately calculated by the computer, and the whole machine is linked to control

    17. Inverter: imported brand AC digital vector control inverter

    18. Factory requirements: length 27 meters × width 13.5 meters × height 5.5 meters