S2W01 Double station Needle Winding Machine

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  • Introduction:

    It is suitable for BLDC motor stator winding, double stations, adapts servo positioning, can automatically twine wire head and wire end, automatically winding, wire array, indexing, clamp and cut wire, and de-mold. It is especially suitable for fan motor, bladeless fan motor and BLDC motor stator winding.



    Wire dia.:0.25-1.0mm (can be customized)

    Winding speed:50-500 r/min

    Stack- length:10-100mm

    Stator ID:17-60mm

    Stator OD:25-100mm

    Pole number: 2, 4, 6, 8

    Aire pressure:0.5MPa~0.7 MPa

    power:380V/50HZ, three phase four wires

    Total power:14.5 KW


    Weight: :≈800 Kg