SW01 Single Station Servo Needle Winding Machine

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  • Introduction:


    It’s suitable for brushless motor stator coil winding, manually loading/unloading, the machine automatically complete mold clamping, winding, wire clamping and cutting, it can achieve multi tapping(set on HMI). The slot No. and turn No. can be set on HMI. It can do multi strands wire parallel winding, machine has remote diagnosis function.



    Wire dia.0.20-1.2 mm

    Winding speed: 0-350 r/min adjustable

    Winding Method: Needle winding

    Stack length: 10-180mm

    Stator ID: 50-180mm

    Stator OD: 70-210mm

    Air pressure: 0.5MPa1 MPa

    Voltage: 380V/50HZ three phase four wires

    Power: 9.5 KW


    Weight: About 400kg


    Main configuration:

    Control system: Leisai motion control system

    HMI: Weilun

    Cylinder: SMC or AirTac

    Electromagnetic valve: SMC or AirTac

    Servo: Panasonic

    Bearing: NSK/ NTN

    Ball screw rod, linear guide rail: Hi-win, TBI

    Coupling: Miki


    Technical requirement to be reached:

    After winding, the copper wire stretching rate is less than 7%.

    Salty water test: within 10mA at 1min

    Noise: less than 70dB