LAW-5B2 Automatic Armature Winding Machine

  • 商品介绍
  • 规格参数
  • 1. Main Configuration:

    ◆ Indexing servo motor: 750WX1 spindle:
    Mitsubishi or Omron

    ◆ Winding servo motor 1500WX2 spindle: Mitsubishi or Omron

    ◆ PLC: Mitsubishi or Omron

    ◆ Interface module: Mitsubishi or Omron

    ◆ Extension module: Mitsubishi or Omron

    ◆ Relay: Omron

    ◆ Proximity: AUTONICS

    ◆ Touch screen: 7”, WEINVIEW

    ◆ Air switch: MITSUBISHI

    ◆ Combined power source double loop: NIDE

    ◆ Power Switch: MINGWEI

    ◆ Circuit breaker: DELIXI

    ◆ Indicator and button: SCHNEIDER

    ◆ Ball bearing: UBC(USA brand)

    ◆ Sliding bearing: MISUMI (Japan brand)

    ◆ Transmission linear guide: ABBA or Shangying or CPC

    ◆ Working plate: 80mm thick nodular cast iron

    ◆ Winding transmission base: nodular cast iron

    ◆ Indexing transmission base: nodular cast iron

    ◆ Winding flyer: aluminium die-cast alloy, double spindle balancing adjustment (easy for disassembling)

    ◆ Indexing spindle: 4 section standard

    ◆ Winding tooling: fast changing without tools, integral quenching HRC60-62

    ◆ Buffer(small): CKD (Japan brand)

    ◆ Buffer(big): AIRTAC

    ◆ Cylinder: AIRTAC

    ◆ Air source treatment elements: SMC

    ◆ Electromagnetic valve: SMC


    2. Main Technical data

    ◆ Wire diameter range: 0.2~1.2mm
    ◆ Armature diameter: 20~60 mm
    ◆ Armature stack length: 10~60 mm

    ◆ Armature slot number: odd or even slot
    ◆ Shaft diameter: 3~15 mm
    ◆ Shaft length: less than 250mm
    ◆ Armature Slot: even slot
    ◆ Turn number: 0~99999
    ◆ Commutator diameter: 8~40 mm
    ◆ Winding speed: 0~3000 rpm

    ◆ Indexing speed: 0~3000 rpm

    ◆ Action: single action or automatic

    ◆ Production efficiency: 900pcs/8hours(based on armature with 12slots 24hooks,  20turns)
    ◆ Air supply pressure:   4~6 Kg/cm
    ◆ The machine total power: 4.0 KW
    ◆ Voltage: three phase AC380V±10%, 50/60 Hz
    ◆ Weight: 1100 Kg
    ◆ Dimension: 2000(length)X1300(width)X1800(height)mm


    3. Features:

    ◆ Three winding mode: single slot-single hook, single slot-double hook and double layer winding. It could do twice winding in one slot, four times winding in the two adjacent slots. It has automatic treatment for wire broken, 2 settable sequences is: winding before broken, or broken before winding.

    ◆ Production parameter for 100nos armatures could be stored

    ◆ Display parameter, including shift output, total output, consuming time, etc.

    ◆ Automatic alarm if any abnormal condition occurs

    ◆ Single action, automatic and stepping operation could be switched

    ◆ Steady fixture, up and bottom protective tooling and protective wire hooking device

    ◆ Loading mode: cylinder feeding armature automatically, get out finished armatures manually